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Design is Survival

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In the early days of coal mining, canaries were necessary because miners were focused on their business. The canaries were not required for digging coal, but for surviving an uncertain environment.


Companies die everyday. Great companies. Companies that were at the top of their industry. And if you look closely, you will see that most of them actually die from the inside out.

How do you prevent that from happening to you? How do you become an Apple, and not a Kodak?

(hint: get a modern canary)


Invest in a Survivability Mindset


Canary Works was born out of the observation that all of us need to create better futures. But too often we are so caught up in our own business, like the miners, we cannot see the simple dangers all around us. We all need something, someone to help us thrive in a turbulent business environment. You need expertise to help you use the tools of design thinking and figure out the best plan for your success, not some consultant who doesn't know your business telling you what to do.

In other words, you need your own canaries.

(pssst: we can do that for you!)


Learn By Doing


We deliver active, results-oriented workshops and consult on learning experience development that leverage the skills, methods, and tools of Design Thinking for organizations just like yours. Our intense, yet fun, programs dive deep into the fundamentals of creativity and design using dynamic discussions, information discovery, brain science, and team activities. You can transform your organization.

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