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Design is Survival

Design to Thrive



In the early days of coal mining, canaries were necessary because miners were focused on their business. The canaries were not required for digging coal, but for surviving an uncertain environment.

Future Proofing Innovation


Companies die everyday. Great companies. Companies that were at the top of their industry. And if you look closely, you will see that most of them actually die from the inside out. Employees who were once loyal and motivated start going through the motions. Turnover rises. And when comfronted with adversity they just keep their heads down. A whoppong 50% of the Fortune 500 at the turn of the century were gone from that list within 10 years.

How do you prevent that from happening to you? How do you become an Apple, and not a Kodak?

(hint: get a modern canary)


Invest in a Survivability Mindset


Canary Works was born out of the observation that all of us need to create better futures. But too often we are so caught up in our own business, like the miners, we cannot see the simple dangers all around us. We all need something, someone to help us thrive in a turbulent business environment. You need expertise to help you use the tools of design thinking and figure out the best plan for your success, not some consultant who doesn't know your business telling you what to do.

In other words, you need your own canaries.

(pssst: we can do that for you!)


Learn By Doing


We deliver active, results-oriented workshops that leverage the skills, methods, and tools of Design Thinking to organizations just like yours. Our intense, yet fun, programs dive deep into the fundamentals of creativity and design using dynamic discussions, information discovery, brain science, and team activities. You can transform your organization.

Below are some of our more popular experiences.

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Master Design Thinking

Many agencies will be happy to come to you and run an expensive workshop, maybe to deliver insights into a single problem. But why buy a fish when you can teach yourself to fish! We believe that everyone can be a designer at heart by employing a select few practices from the Design Thinking playbook. And we are experts in that playbook. Our unique combination of workshop, coaching, and free online performance support will give your people the tools they need to solve wicked problems, now and into the future!

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Zen and the Art of Leadership

In our workshop we start with the concept that we need fewer managers, more leaders. We take a unique approach in lookiong at the characteristics that make high performing teams and teach leaders to support and nurture those. Because there really are no great leaders without great teams.

Are you ready to have more great leaders?


Crē • a • tive @ Work

What would it be worth if you could double the High Performers and Rising Stars in your organization? What if we told you that your HiPos weren't any smarter than everyone else but that they were simply more confident and better at bringing ideas to the table? Your organization is FULL of Rising Stars. They simply have to UN-learn to "only color inside the lines." Our unique program of improvisation and serious play will deliver that.

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Learning Experience Design

Most companies view training as a "business checkbox item." It's just something they have to do. But it doesn't have to be that pedestrian. The right learning designs can empower your customers and partners to do amaaing things with your products. The right learning experiences can add to your bottom line in a very real way.

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Impactful Presentation Design

Think about the last few presentations you had to endure. Were they exciting? Even interesting? Probably not. In fact, most of us do not remember anything from a talk we sat through even 2 weeks ago. But there are those talks you remember for years. Why? It's not rocket science, it's brain science. And we can help you be one of those presenters.

If you want to learn the secret of giving that great presentation, the one everyone remembers and talks about, start a conversation.