"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him forever."


Everyone is a Designer!


Everyone has heard of Design Thinking, and magical results it can produce. But what is Design thinking? Design thinking is a process for solving hard problems by focusing on the human side of the equation. It differs from the traditional engineering methodology of creating a technology centric solution. But the mistake many people make is asking which one is better?

The answer is simple: that's the wrong question! It's like asking what do humans need more, air or water? We need both to survive.

A truly great solution requires both design and engieering methodologies. Look at truly great architecture of the world - it is pleasing to the human and solid at the same time. There wasn't a choice made but a balance struck.

We are very good at the logical, engineering methodologies. We learned them in school. Everything we did was based on the "scientific method." But we often leave the human out of the equation. That's where Design Thinking comes in.

But it must be hard, yes?

(No, anyone can learn it.)



"An empathic approach fuels our process by ensuring we never forget we are designing for real people. And as a result, we uncover insights and opportunities for truly creative solutions."

David Kelley, IDEO


We are all born with the seeds of Design Thinking. That's because we are empathetic beings. Humans have always used rudimentary forms of Design Thinking to survive. At some point in our early history we learned that banding together we were stronger and smarter than any individual. And if you look at the cultures up through the last century you will marvel at the ingenuity and creative solutions that people devised to solve every day problems.

But something happened in the last century. Most call it the Industrial Revolution, but we call it the Rise of Engineering. The pendulum swung toward technology, and away from us. Creativity and "learning by failing" was taught out of us in schools. Color outside the lines? Punished. No wonder most of the products created today are just "meh."

But you can change that in your organization. You can learn the tools that created the iPod and the iPhone, the computer mouse, self-driving cars, Uber, and the internet itself! We can teach your people how to use the tools in Design Thinking. We can teach your people how to have a design mindset.

Just imagine how your could transform if everybody used these tools?



How Do We Build Design Thinkers?


Canary Works helps you to transform your people through a 3-part program. Part 1 is an immersive workshop that educates the learner on Design Thinking. We explain the tools in the Design playbook in simple terms that people can relate to. We debunk some myths, and just generally have a good time learning new skills.

Then we throw you in the deep end and you're on your own!

Just kidding - that's the other guys.

We follow our immersive workshop with Part 2, Individual Coaching. It's one thing to know how to use a tool, it's quite another to actually use it successfully. (Buck can explain how a plane works down to the physics of the controls but you would NEVER let him fly your aircraft!). Coaching is essential for learners to build confidence and learn from mistakes without feeling like they failed.

Finally there is Part 3 - Performance Support. Everyone who is enrolled in our program gets a forever membership in our online learning platform. There they can learn new spins on existing skills, new skills, and get new Design Thinking Tools. They can even network with other learners.


So, what are you waiting for? The conversation is free.