"The King is dead, long live The King."


Most Training Sucks

Let's face it, the training industry gets a bad rap. And we deserve it. According to L&D industry statistics, businesses lose $13.5 million each year for every 1000 employees because training programs simply don't work. There are a hundred reasons why training programs don't work, but they all boil down to one cause.

The bottom line is bad instructional design based on old theories. Did you know that ADDIE model was originally invented in 1975 to form an instructional systems development framework for the military? Do you know anyone less agile than the military?

To us, ADDIE is dead.

At Canary Works we have developed a unique approach that combines solid Adult Learning Principles, brain science, and Design Thinking to create unique learning experiences that truly resonate with learners.

You've never seen effectiveness like this.



Everyone is a Designer!

We are all born with the seeds of Design Thinking. That's because we are empathetic beings. Humans have always used rudimentary forms of Design Thinking to survive. At some point in our early history, we learned that banding together we were stronger and smarter than any individual. And if you look at the cultures up through the last century you will marvel at the ingenuity and creative solutions that people devised to solve everyday problems.

But something happened in the last century. Most call it the Industrial Revolution, but we call it the Rise of Engineering. The pendulum swung toward technology, and away from us. Creativity and "learning by failing" was taught out of us in schools. Color outside the lines? Punished. No wonder most of the courses created today are just "meh."

Most of us have heard of Design Thinking, and magical results it can produce. But what does it have to do with instructional design?

Well, it turns out everything. Design thinking is a process for solving hard problems by focusing on the human side of the equation. It differs from ADDIE and the traditional engineering methodology of solving for skills and knowledge gaps.

But it must be hard, right?

No, the simple fact is that anyone can learn it and apply it to instructional design. And Canary Works has spent the last decade developing and proving new methods for instructional design.



"An empathic approach fuels our process by ensuring we never forget we are designing for real people. And as a result, we uncover insights and opportunities for truly creative solutions."

David Kelley, IDEO


How Do We Build Design Thinkers?

Some people think this design thinking is some super creative secret, known only to the likes of Steve Jobs. In reality, it's a simple methodology that anyone can apply,

Let us show you not only how to "do" design thinking, but how to specifically apply it to instructional design. You will have more fun, be more efficient, and haver amazing outcomes.

Don't accept mediocre training anymore. Enjoy your work again.

And if you ask us real nice, we'll even show you how to make compliance training engaging!



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