"Today, every industry is vulnerable to disruption."

Robert Tucker


The Digital Revolution is Different


The Digital Revolution is here. It brings uncertainly and the promise of change. Most of us have only two choices - ignore it and rest on past success or find new ways to thrive. Only one thing is certain, the Digital Revolution will impact everyone.

Just a few years ago innovation was a tool of high tech chipmakers and software companies. Innovation? People think Apple and Uber and ask, "What does that have to do with my company?" The answer is everything. Apple simply reimagined the ordinary phone and came up with the iPhone. A device that destroyed over 20 working and profitable business models. That's not just coming, it's here.



"Companies that are willing to innovate and invest can unlock tremendous value and may remain financially strong regardless of what happens to global supply and demand trends,"

John England, Deloitte


How Do We Build Your Roadmap?


Canary Works delivers a transformative experience built upon a proven framework that helps answer critical business questions through redefining challenges, rapid prototyping, and user testing. Our program allows you to reach clearly defined goals and deliverables and gain key learnings, quickly and cheaply. The process sparks innovation, encourages user-centered thinking, aligns your team under a shared vision, and gets you to your digital destination faster.

The framework we base our methodology upon is often referred to as the Google Design Sprint. Established at Google Ventures, it has been refined and tested using 300 different business strategy, design thinking, and user research methods from places like IDEO and Stanford d.school. Based on the classical concept of Design Thinking, the Design Sprint supports both divergent thinking (creative brainstorming that results in multiple possible solutions) and convergent thinking (using defined, logical steps to arrive at one solution).

Using Design Sprints and proven tools like the Forrester Digital Maturity Model, we leverage your domain expertise and guide you to building a Digital Roadmap that suits your needs, not a big technology sale. Our independence insures you get the Digital Journey that works for you.

Let us be your canary.