"Serious play is not an oxymoron; it is the essence of innovation."

Stuart Brown and Christopher Vaughan


How important is creativity to your business?


Creativity is where ALL of your new ideas come from. Creativity is where every single improvement comes from. Creativity is a critical link in the chain of your success.

We are all born creative human beings. Then in school we learn to follow the rules. Color inside the lines. Line up single file. Raise you hand before you speak. While these are all polite practices, they also serve to reinforce that conformity is what's rewarded.

That natural creativity is "taught out" of us.

At Canary Works we know innovation, how innovation relies on creativity, and how valuable creativity is to high performance.

What do you do? You need to build Creative Confidence.


"It's play that makes people unafraid to fail and confident to try new things. It's play that helps us do serious things better because we enjoy them and feel a sense of joy in our achievements."

Jake Orlowitz, Head of the Wikipedia Library


How Do We Build Creative Confidence?


Our workshop, Creative @ Work, uses brain science, elements of LEGO® Serious Play®, with some improv exercises woven in to create a unique experience. This experince is designed not only to find and release that lost creative child but to give us guidance on how we can specifically apply these new insights to our work.

Using a Design Sprint framework, our structured program makes the most of your domain expertise and guides you to becoming that Rising Star.

Let us help you develop your canaries.


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